Shaanxi Huaxing Electronics Group Co. Ltd. (state-owned 795th factory) formerly state-owned Huaxing wireless equipment factory, founded in 1958, belongs to Shaanxi electronic information group company, is one of the three major production base of electronic components in China, 100 Chinese electronic components and parts enterprises. With 12 professional production lines, products include high performance electronic ceramic material and capacitors, resistors, varistors, Zinc Oxide thunder, infrared optoelectronic devices and sensors, quartz crystal components, high temperature and high pressure electrical connector etc.. During the "12th Five-Year" period, the company has undertaken more than 40 items of new products for national military development, and has been supporting several key types of projects, such as Shenzhou series spacecraft, a new type of aircraft, missiles and so on.   Shaanxi Huaxing Jinshiyuan Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is China Star Electronics Group under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi, an independent business unit. Mainly responsible for...【more】
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